About us:

We are a small filmteam from Munich.
We love to film concerts, because music is our passion.
What started as a mere hobby ten years ago has developed very nicely:
live gig recordings have turned into professional video productions.

And it’s getting bigger: from small music pubs to Circus Krone – we record a lot of concerts.
You can also see in our PAST PROJECTS.

We get commissioned to work for

Tom Ruf (Ruf Records)
M. I. G. Music in Germany
ROM - Entertainment
SPV Records
Hans Christian Müller (Gerhard Polt)
and more.........

for their releases.

We have not yet won an Oscar or the Golden Globe for Best Video Production but there are always ambitions and goals in life…

If you are interested in a video production of your live gigs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
We would be happy to provide an appropriate solution (also pricewise).